Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Aaaaaand We're Back + DW Photoshop Expo!

Now with the holiday season safely tucked away behind us, the Outsider resumes broadcasting. Did everyone get what they wanted?


Okay, everyone's opined on everything that's happened during my holiday break, and probably did a better job than I would have, so we'll let it rest.

Except for that. Just 'cause it's gameday.

And he hits like a girl.

Expect the Pens to snap their 5 game losing streak tonight. They'll be pissed, and they have talent. That spells doom for our boys.

We're easing back in to everyday life here at the Outsider, so we thought it might be fun to offer you our first-ever Don Waddell photoshop contest!

Here's Donnie. Tell me what he's thinking.

Here's a couple of examples, just to get the ball rolling:

See how much fun that was?

Submit your entry to bluelandoutsider@gmail.com, and let's have some fun!


Mortimer Peacock said...


Ah, that Lionel Ritchie.

Big Shooter said...

"Give you one reason why I should still have a job?


Let's see... there is... well there was the one time I, wait no.


Big Shooter said...

Just saw I was suppose to submit my entry via e-mail.

Big Shooter does things on his own terms!