Friday, March 20, 2009

Gameday Wings

Can I tell you something? I hate the Red Wings. Have for a long, long time. I would lug my Dreamcast up to my buddy Rob's place, and we'd drink Strongbow and have it out until the wee hours. I was the Rangers (whom, ironically, I also now despise), and Rob was the Wings. Nothing would piss me off more than to see Stephane Quintal botch the reception of an Adam Graves pass, and next thing I know, there goes Federov trucking it down the ice... ah... jeeze.. LKASJFKASHFUIWANC!!!1! aaaaand he flips it right past Richter. Garbage. This sucks, I'm going home. Huh? We have HOW many bottles of Strongbow left? Crap. Fine, one more game. Then I'd make Rob pay with a steady string of Nedved - Fleury one timers. Eat THAT, Osbad... Yeah, we had the two-line pass & offsides off... didn't everybody?

Trip down memory lane notwithstanding, I really dislike Red Wing fans. The minute you mention that you're a hockey fan, out comes this stream of babble that inevitably includes "11 Cups, baby!"; "Scotty Bowman"; "11 Cups!"; "Dynasty"; "Stevie Y"; "Who else has 11 Cups? Yea, the Habs don't count..."; "The Joe" and/or "Hockeytown"; and the not-so-subtle insinuation that fans of sunbelt teams aren't really fans of hockey. Classy.

Anyway, Kovy sounds pumped. Me too.

AO can be a classless punk. But we knew that.

Elliotte Friedman of the CBC talks about Crosby's groin punching and general clownery. He says it's an improvement. Like Jarome Iginla. Mm-hm. Cause I love it when Jarome violates the third-man-in rule, uses another man's crotchial area as a speed bag, and then proceeds to cry because another guy looked at him funny.

Go Thrashers.

Wings suck.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Sureality In amongst the gmail this morning, I found something just a little surreal:

If Brian Burke has taught us anything, it's that REAL NHL HCs/GMs don't post on Twitter. But for just a split second, my pre-coffee brain went "Tortawhaaa?"

Personal Milestone Watch I believe this is post #98 for the ol Outsider. Upon post number 100, expect a heartwarming ceremony where I cut the cords off of the computer, and skate around the ice with it raised high above my head. Or, where one of my co-workers looks at me and goes "Um, are we to expect any work from you today?" And then coffee.

They're Back Bogo, Ron & Kovy were all on the ice in Duluth this morning - leading me to believe all three will go tomorrow against the Wings.

From The "Let's Get A Better Start" Dept Sucks that we can't just toss the whole first half of this season; we'd have a playoff spot.

NHL Records: Second-Half of Season (Through March 18)
New Jersey Devils29227044.759
Detroit Red Wings30188440.667
St. Louis Blues29167638.655
Pittsburgh Penguins31189440.645
Vancouver Canucks28168436.643
Columbus Blue Jackets301810238.633
Ottawa Senators28159434.607
Washington Capitals311711337.597
San Jose Sharks28149533.589
Calgary Flames291611234.586
Florida Panthers291510434.586
Nashville Predators301611335.583
Boston Bruins301510535.583
Edmonton Oilers28139632.571
Philadelphia Flyers281512131.554
Atlanta Thrashers301613133.550
Toronto Maple Leafs301310733.550
Carolina Hurricanes311613234.548
Minnesota Wild291311531.534
Dallas Stars301513232.533
Chicago Blackhawks281312329.518
New York Rangers301312531.517
Buffalo Sabres291313329.500
Los Angeles Kings281212428.500
New York Islanders291213428.483
Tampa Bay Lightning291113527.466
Montreal Canadiens291115325.431
Anaheim Ducks291216125.431
Phoenix Coyotes291018121.362
Colorado Avalanche301019121.350

From Pierre LeBrun, over at the WWL.

O Kiptin, My Kiptin Do yourself a favor and check out the interview with Ilya. (Via the Chronicle, via Mirtle, via Japer's Rink/Tuvan Hillbilly, from Sport Express) Some favorite quotes:
"Crosby is Crosby and Kovalchuk is Kovalchuk. He got penalized, I made a goal and I was showing him 'Look, I made a goal'. That was all."

"You can't be an amoeba when you play hockey -- you have to be an emotional player."

"Krikunov says a lot of things. In Quebec he said that the Canadian National Team was guzzling through the entire championship. People talk about those things they are most familiar with."
That is why I'll take Kovy over Sid (or anyone else) any day of the week.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I mean, honestly. Who throws a shoe?

So, last night, as I was falling asleep, I was forming in my head the post I was going to do this morning about how the Pens (and other teams) get away with so much crap against the Thrashers. It was going to be epic, guys... srsly... from Ruutu to Vetch to Cooke. But Rawhide Bill beat me to it.

On second thought, it is my blog.... so let's just add a little to Mr. Bill's thoughts.

Take a look at this little ditty from the Caps game on Monday (lower left, first two seconds):

Whadddaya know... Ovechkin. Leaving his feet. Hmm. Oh yea, and the Thrash/Pens game, 11.20.08. I seem to remember Kris Letang boarding Todd White, causing the Todd to head to the locker room for a considerable amount of time.

Speaking of video, check out the video at the Puck Daddy post about last night's Bogo hit.

Lots of Pens fans are calling this a clean hit. Lets take a look at another extremely hard, but clean, hit on a Thrasher.

Awww, look at Boris spreading a little Christmas cheer. I think he may be getting Chris Neil some kind of funk record or something, right? Lots. Of funk. Do you see the difference? Neil led with his shoulder, Cooke led with his knee. Even from the FSN/Pitt angle, this inarguable. Cooke knows better than that. At least, you'd think a 10 year NHL vet would know better than that.
Oh yea, just for Rawhide, video of last year's Ruutu hit:

Good lord, I need a mood booster. LoL time!