Friday, January 30, 2009


That Was The Kind of Game....

...that makes you glad you missed the first ten minutes, 'cause it was apparently (somehow) worse than this.

...that makes you want to shut it of after the "comeback" falls short, no matter how much time is left.

...that provides punctuation to the owners' sentence: "Screw you, fan, and be content to watch our tax write-off."

...that makes you wish you lived in Chicago.

...that mars the reputation of not just NHL hockey in Atlanta, but hockey as a general idea in Atlanta.

...that the players say to the fans, "Hey, we know your life sucks, but so do we."

...that gives fans little reason to blog, wear your team colors/t-shirt/jersey, or even get excited at all about going to another game.

...that makes star players (that would otherwise make a home & career here) leave.

...that makes you wonder what you could have done with all the money you spent on hockey tickets, even though you did get them half-price.

...that makes you think "I wish I could get at least $400,000 for standing on ice for an hour."

Anybody got anything else?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gameday v. Islanders & Nuggets

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts:

Re: Canadian Media Loves Atlanta. Darren Dreger recently posted one of those "Top 10 Players to Watch at the Deadline" things that get so popular 'round this time of year. The usual suspects: Tkachuk, Bouwmeester, the Toronto Maples Leafs...

...and Colby Armstrong?

C'mon, Dreg... seriously? He says:
"[Pittsburgh] would like to see him reunited with Penguins captain Sidney Crosby."
Um, so they can hang out on the weekends? I don't recall Army getting a ton of top line minutes in the 'burgh. I mean, at least make it plausible. Like: "The Pens would really like to have more guys to slam into Colton Orr during Ranger games."

Re: Great Diplomats - Roosevelt, Churchill, Kovalchuk...

First, we had the Malkin-Ovechkin Accords of 2009. Then we had high praise from one of them Kostitsyn boys. Now I find this thought running through my head: What kind of effect could Kovy now have on bringing Illya Nikulin into the fold? Hmmm...

(Yes, that bullet point was just an excuse to post that sweet 'shop.)

Re: Great Writing Speaks For Itself. From Puck Daddy: "Flyers Upset the NHL Thinks They're the Flyers." Great mysteries revealed within.

Re: The Isles Tonight. The frontrunners for the John Tavares Sweepstakes (i.e. "Yet Another Chance to Prove the Islanders Should Be Relocated Before the Thrashers") are in Phillips tonight. Lets review the checklist:

___ Move legs
___ Hit people
___ Shoot puck

Some (if not all) of these tricks may work against the Islanders.

But you gotta show up.

Go Thrashers.

Just Cause I Found A Bigger Pic

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well, That Was Disappointing

12 shots in the first two frames, boys? Twelve?

There's always the Islanders.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gameday v. Stars

I'm not so much in the gabby mood right now. But I did have time for a quick shop:

To be fair, Turks & the rest of the Stars seem to have found their mojo since the "incident." And really, these incarnations of these teams are different from the ones that have faced each other in the past. The Stars' PK is abysmal, and our road PP is tough (3rd in the leauge, or something as equally surprising). If we can plant ourselves in Turco's kitchen and make 'em take penalties, the games is as good as won.

Go Thrashers.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Back to Business

Look at that face. Someone forgot to tell Ilya it's an exhibition.

And who doesn't love this guy? Well, my brother, for one. His favorite nicknames for Ovechkin: "Ovary" and "Caveman Lawyer". Seriously, I have uncles that dress up like this. Y'know what we do with them? Well, besides cutting off their alcohol consumption, we hide them. And we never speak of that moment again. That, my friends, is the power of the 'Vech. Gaze and dream, young Russians... gaze and dream. And for those that thought OVs twitter account was nothing more than a PR firm intern, well, I give you this tidbit from Puck Daddy:
Ovechkin then skated over to the stands, tossing the hat and glasses into the crowd. Later, he was shown with a cell phone in his hand on the bench - text messaging a vote for himself, perhaps?
So, the tweet that hit my celly while I was under the car fighting an alternator may just have been the 'Vech? Take that, cynics!

But I'm ready for the games to count again.