Friday, December 12, 2008

Tales of Blackhawk Kindess

Go read the story over @ Puck Daddy, if you haven't already. I couldn't find the video, but give that a look, too. I really like these guys - if my Thrashers moved, I'd move to Chicago.

Gameday - Boston Bruins

- First off, as sick as we all are of this "Trade Kovy" garbage, the media at large is just starting to catch on, so we may have to endure some more of this garbage (along with a good many ignorant Canucks submitting such bold and intelligent comments as "Atlanta sucks! Move 'em to Winnipeg/Kitchener/Hamilton/Toronto/Kamloops/Regina/Other Backwater Commenter Happens to Be From"). Puck Daddy has an article, and I encourage everyone that see to ignore said article. Instead, focus on the possibility of Kovy beating the league's current top netminder multiple times this evening.

- Yes, according to the Boston Globe hockey blogger, Timmy Tommy is the likely starter tonight. I like his 3-3 record (3.08GAA/.897 SV%) a whole lot better than Manny Fernandez's 5-0 (1.80GAA/.923) against the Thrash. But John Anderson was being a little cagey with the Boston media this morning; I don't put it beyond wily veteran coach Claude Julien to pull a little slight-of-hand, either.

- Welcome back, Savvy & Hnidy. Sav, we hope you continue your pointless streak (3 games, and no goals in the last eight? Hm.... maybe you should grip the stick a little tighter), and Shane, keep up that pace for a career-high 100 PIMs!

- Adam Proteau hates the Atlanta Thrashers. What better way to get back at him than to make the playoffs?

- Milan Lucic & Phil Kessel must be stopped.

- Sean Grace over at the Roar has an almost poetic statement as to why trading Kovy would be awful.

- Congrats to former Thrasher Pascal Dupuis on his first career hatter. Postgamer with Dan Potash, go to the 1:00 mark for creamy goodness.

Gameday Mongoose

The unequaled, the original...
Go Thrashers.

See you at the bulb...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Moose Is The New (Scape) Goat

- You really have to feel for the guy. Not once, but twice did the puck find the back of the net on Hedberg's watch. The argument could be made that they were, in fact bad bounces, but.... I dunno.

- Yay! No stupid penalties!

- Wicked bomb of an outlet pass from one Seafood Twin to the other to setup a goal. I'm with Maali on this one, bring up more Wolves - let's see how they do. Maybe they'll be to young and inexperienced to know they're Thrashers, they're supposed to suck.

- Now THAT was an Ilya Kovalchuk Goal Celebration:

- Fire & intensity, and a pretty big scrum. Gomez better watch it - he's not making any friends at Phillips.

- So, Waddell says he's not trading Kovalchuk. He repeats it three times: to Mike @ the AJC, our buddy Craig @ the Sporting News, and Dan during last nights' first intermission. So... why is it I still don't believe him?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gameday & Other Tidbits

- Ken Campbell makes the case that Jay Bouwmeester would be better served "playing in an outpost where people don’t know or care much about hockey." This means either Ken Campbell and/or the Hockey News hates Jay Bouwmeester, and is/are planting the seeds of his demise.

- What's this? Brett Hull a mere figurehead leader? Away at thee and thine foul, vicious lies! Next you'll be telling me he flouts the laws of the Royal Mr. Bettman!

- Speaking of royalty, King Henrik is out tonight; Steve Valiquette makes his 5th start. Seems Lundqvist is.... bah, insert your own Lundqvist-Sundin-Ikea-meatball joke here. I don't have the energy.

- The Rags have been outscored 15-4 in their last 4 games. They seem ripe for some mongoosing. If they play lockdown, things might be a little tough for our boys in blue, but something tells me the combination of a goal drought, not being on the ice much the last couple of days, and the perception of the Thrash as ...>ahem<... a doormat may lead to them trying to stetch their legs a little too far. Here' s to surprises.

- Boulton/Orr 2: Epic Returns? You gotta love it when Boults gets props from even Rags fans. Maybe this time, they'll go 4 minutes.

The Return of the Mongoose

He tasted blood against the Isles... now a second course of New York tastiness.

I give you... hungry mongoose.

Go Thrashers.

Do I Hear Horsemen Approaching?

This has gotta be a bad omen.

ASG, or Let's Ruin a Party!

Let's get this show on the road.


I know we're a little.... "fan depleted" here in Atlanta, but we gotta do better. Kovy's not even on the leaderboard yet. You've got Boston fans, those lovably psycho Pens fans, and even Washington fans(!!!!) pushing their guys up the standings, and we got nothing. Nothing. It's not we're "hockey pursits" who hate the All-Star Game, the shootout, and any & every word that comes forth from his majesty Mr. Bettman (well, we're not gonna use that as an excuse anyway). Even if it's just to give the scouts a better look at Kovy (I know, I just slapped myself), he's gotta see the bright lights of the Bell Centre.

Besides, I'm gettin just a teensy-bit sick of all this Habs/100 garbage.

So let's get on it.

..and remember: a vote for a Penguin is a vote for a Hab-Free ASG.

NHL All-Star Fan Balloting- Click to Vote

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pittslanta? Thrashburgh? Or maybe just Suckville.

Last night I was going to pick up a pizza, and had the enjoyable experience of listening to Jamie Shalley & Peter Berce host the Face Off on ye olde XM radio. They were discussing the Pens with some Pittsburgh "correspondent" and the subject of the Pens lack of secondary scoring came up. See, appearantly, after the first line of Geno & Bing and their combined 86 points, the next highest point-getter is Miro Satan with 19, followed by another 7 players in double digits.

Now, to a Thrashers fan, this is called "The Promised Land."

Anyway, I don't know if it was Shalls or Berce that posited the idea of Kovy going to the Pens, but it was thrown out there. And the obligitory discussion of who would be sent back to ATL. Staal/Goligoski/Lovejoy/whoever-leaves-the-dressing-room-last-after-a-bad-loss all got mentioned. Then the talk of Kovy's ability to be "just" a secondary scorer came up. Pretty sure he'd do just fine anywhere on that lineup. I mean, geeze, Hal Gill is out, let's pencil him in as the enforcer.

My point is this: has Atlanta leapfrogged Tampa and become the new Pittsburgh South?

Cause, really... that's a great goal to have.