Saturday, January 24, 2009

ASG, Behind The Scenes

What they showed us...

What actually happened...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Part.... Something.

Just 'cause I can't stand leaving things unfinished, the short, short version of SISOSIG?

The Greek God Line

(Jim Slater/Chris Thorburn/Eric Boulton)

I'm gonna review these guys as a unit, because they've been together since what seems like the Carter administration.

Interesting stat:
07-08 Point Total: 40
08-09 Point Total (Thus Far): 34

That's exciting.

Excluding his fighting majors, Boults has racked up about 32 min in minors - That number could stand to come down. Slates & Thor are both big bodies with decent hands, and all three seem to be taking pretty well to head coach Johnny A's system.

Verdict: Stay.

The D

Ron Hainsey - Love him. Solid human being. Stay.

Nic Havelid - UFA this summer; getting older; lost a step or two; PIMs starting to climb; Toby seems to be doing pretty well, let him Go. The Isles always like picking up our slop.... wait, nevermind.

Mathieu Schnieder - No one is a bigger Schnieder fan than me (a good hockey-playing jewish boy from New York, what's not to love?). But, man, those PIMs are killing us. I'd like to keep him around to assist Hainsey at the kid's table, but his real value is in what he can fetch us at the deadline from a desparate bubble team. Go. Sad face.

Tobias Enstrom - AKA "The Future, Chpt. 1". Stay.

Zach Bogosian - "The Future, Chpt. 2" Stay.

As a matter of fact, the only other D-man that really needs to go....

Garnet Exelby. Yes, he's fun. Yes, ladies love him. Yes, he's an all-around fan favorite. But he hasn't been the same since the concussions. And his positioning... um, less than stellar. We need to ship him while he's got some value.

There. That's the end of that. I learned a bunch. Another shutdown D-man would be nice. Should Pev's not be the answer long-term, Andy McDonald is a UFA. Let's throw some of that unused Campbell money at him....

Then again, ask me next week, and this all could change.

I love hockey.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


From Kevin Allen's Mucking & Grinding:

Since being plucked from the Nashville Predators earlier this month, Rich Peverley has become an instant sensation in Atlanta, producing two goals and five assists in four games as Kovalchuk’s center. With Peverley playing a key role, the Thrashers have won three games in a row.

“I can’t say I expected this, but we liked his skill,” Waddell said. “Kovy really likes him. He came up to me after the first game with him, and said, 'Don, good player.'”

Kovy Likes him. Good enough for me.


Re: Last Night. Like I said, gross.

Re: What bias? I wonder if TSN likes the Flyers better than the Thrashers? 'Cause the headline "Flyers make short work of Thrashers" sounds like a fair assessment of last nights' game, right?

Re: Some guys aren't built for the broadcast booth. Chris Therien (colorman, former "illustrious defenseman" for the Flyers) is a joke. The jobbing of Valabik was uncalled for.

Therien: "Does Boris even speak english?"
Tim Saunders: "Valabik was a first round draft pick..."
Therien: "What league?"
Saunders: "Valabik hales from Slovakia..."
Therien: "So he's not the 'Siberian Express'?"

At the very least, unprofessional. We pretty spoiled with Kamal.

But please enjoy this forgotten gem from McSweeney's Internet Tendency starring Mr. Therien. If you've not discovered McSweeney's, I also reccomend "Journal of a Cobra Recruit" and "Journal of a Seasoned Cobra Veteran."

That's about all I got right now.

Beh. Just, gross....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gameday v Flyers, or Everyone Loves Hartnell

- Slates out w/ a bruised shoulder, listed day-to-day. The break is a good thing.

- No Ex tonight. Sad face.

- Briere is headed back to the doctor? Oh my. Didn't see tha.... Oh, wait.

- Alan Muir of predicts the Don is headed out to pasture sometime soon. See? Muir gets it! EDIT: But who might Darren Eliot be referring to with the comment about a "well-known winger that fits in on Sidney Crosby's line"?

- Thrash are 4-5-1 on the tail of back-to-backers, but 0-11 against Nitty. But he's had the sniffles. So... there's that.

- Bogo knows what to say (from
"We have worked hard the last couple of games,” rookie defenseman Zach Bogosian said. “We need to not get a big head and keep things simple. Play every shift like it’s 0-0.”
- For those that don't know, congratulations to the staff of the Blueland Chronicle on one year of blogging success.

Finally, just 'cause it's Hartnell...

(The look on that lady's face is classic...)

Flyers suck.
Go Thrashers.


With all due respect, and remember I'm sayin' it with all due respect...


This'll get old one day. But not today.

Re: The Peverley Bounce? No, it's not the hottest new dance in the Buckhead clubs - it's the initial jolt after a fresh dispensation of some Pevs. After last nights' 3rd period, I'm wondering if it isn't starting to wear off. No real sustained pressure, 18 shots allowed... not a good sign. Kari shouldn't have to work that hard. Hopefully the momentum can keep rolling tonight.

Re: Scoring. I love it when people not named Kovalchuk have mutli-point games and multi-game point streaks. Shuts the haters right up.

Re: Jimmy Slater Get well soon. Haste the return of Joe's Crabb Shack. And hopefully Ex. 'Cause this looks like fun:

Next up: Philthadelphia.

Fact: I have never been to a Flyers game without someone wearing orange being escorted out of the arena. True story.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gameday v. Habs

No staying or going today - focusing on beating the Habs tonight. Halak gets the start, he of the 11.2 GAA against the Thrash. This is also the same Montreal team that blew the two goal lead in the third against Ottawa. As long as the momentum keeps rolling, we can outplay them. They'll run out of comebacks sooner or later.

Tonight's Checklist:
__ Keep the legs moving
__ Go to the net
__ Play physical
__ Have fun

Yes, it really is that easy.

...and just 'cause I'm on a roll:

Go Thrashers.

More LoLThrash

Don't read Bleacher Report.



Monday, January 19, 2009

Should I Stay or Should I Go, Part 4

#9 LW Erik Christensen

Pros: Great stickhandling with the puck; Shootout stud; Plenty of offensive potential

Cons: "Crusher" tends to separate his shoulder delivering checks; hasn't really found a role in the lineup

Crusher's a funny one. It looked as if he was beginning to live up to his potential in Pittsburgh, only to be traded to Atlanta at the deadline last year. It seemed to unsettle him, and it looks as if he hasn't found his groove yet. He excels at the shootout, but it would be nice if he had the confidence to pull some of that stuff in-game.

Verdict: He's not a special teams pro or a banger/energy guy, but plays on those lines. He's got offensive potential, but hasn't hit his stride here. As much as I like him, I think he'd be better playing somewhere else. Go.

#19 C Marty Reasoner

Pros: Penalty kill; defensively responsible, Solid human being.

Cons: Not much.

Verdict: I think this is a rare example of a Thrasher being paid to do exactly what he does on the ice. $1 mil this year, UFA next year. Let's make every effort to get him to Stay.

#11 C Eric Perrin

Pros: Hardworking French-Canadian hockey player; 40pt/year potential; Small & speedy

Cons: Getting older (34); Points pace has slowed considerably this year

Verdict: Eric Perrin seems to be tailored to HC Johnny A's mongoosing system. I'd pass on him if he started looking for a significant raise this off-season. If his point prodcution picks back up, Stay.

What A Weekend & Tidbits

RE: This Weekend. Wow. All about chemistry, baby. Rich Peverley, stay. Big time.

RE: Isn't it ironic? David Climer @ The Tennessean thinks the Preds need more offense.

RE: The Can't-nucks. Huh. The 'nucks aren't really that much better, even with Sundin. Who called it? Yea, I know, me and everyone else.

RE: The Locals. For the Gwinnettians among us, a new Glads forum.

More Staying & Going later.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thrashers Endangered?

Mobileblog. According to the ajc, thrashers not tied to 30yr bond payment agreement for phillips arena.

EDIT: I know that this isn't a cause for outright panic, but I'd feel a whole lot better if the Thrash we're tied in.