Thursday, December 4, 2008

It Just. Gets. Worse.

Absolute Idiocy.*

*blueland outsider takes no responsibility for any loss of time, words, or intelligence that may be incurred by clicking the above link. Especially if you read the comments.

edit: My official editorial position is thus: A trade would make me frowny. That is true. But as long as a trade netted us 2 or 3 good young *potential* stars (not draft picks; I have an utter, a complete, and an overall abysmal lack of confidence in the drafting ability of the current regime), I would be satisfied. But, there's always a danger of this. Anyway, my thought on the Bradley article is: Shut up. All of you. Just.... shut your mouths. You're just... you're just coming off stupid. Yes, there are many intelligent Thrasher fans out there (just to name a few). But the rest is just white noise. I guess the best response has already been written.

I can't...

I just can't...



Look, what exactly can we do? This ownership group is totally ignorant to the goings-on at Phillips when the ice is laid out.

Too cold, Bruce?

Efforts have been made. Season tickets tanked. I haven't paid full price for a ticket since... well, before the lockout. I guess the message wasn't received. If we boycott, they get fed up, split off the Thrash, send them to Hamilton where the smug Toronto media can gush all over themselves, saying "See? It bombed twice!" Then the A$G will bring back the Georgia Force to make up the lost revenue. I have not seen one thing from this ownership group that indicates they care (much know anything) about NHL hockey. If things look this bad on the outside, what do things look like on the inside?

But, back to the original question, what can we do? What am I going to do?

I'm going to keep watching, keep listening, and keep going to games. Because I'm a crazy hockey fan. I am a fan of this team. And when you watch/listen to a Thrashers game you are guaranteed that at least one NHL calibre team will show up.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So... wait.... what?

Last night was a date night. A mandated night in my household where no hockey shall be viewed, listened to, played, or discussed. Mrs. B lays down the law every so often, hence the blog. It gives me an outlet for my hockey fix. Anyway, we were watching a charming little comedy called Step Brothers. Thusly, I. Missed. Everything.

THREE goals in FIFTYNINE seconds?!?!?!

Oyster did WHAT?!?!?

I wish to God that Christensen had the talent to match the toughness:
Erik Christensen left the ice with a subluxated right shoulder, popped the joint back into place himself and got back in the game.
Big Shooter has a fantastic idea. Seriously, I am all for this trade. Let's go ahead and get this deal done, and Spez could be in the road whites after gameday skate... or, we could have another disgruntled, expensive player on our hands. That's what you get when you dig yourself into a hole this big. Whatev. In that spirit, go chekc the Pensblog for a Pens retrospective that may give us a little hope.

Pics from the St. Louis Game

Yea, I was there. I saw the "team" (save for the Seafood Twins, who, God love 'em, hustled best they could) completely lose interest in playing anything that resembled hockey. It was kinda cool to see Walt's 1000th, and the seats were good. Ummm.... even though it was kid's day, there weren't a lot of kids there...? Having trouble thinking of good things to say....

I hate the "Holiday Season"


anyway, hopefully I can post some cool stuff I've picked up later today. But here's something cool now.

I can't really tell you why, exactly, I dislike Scott Hartnell. Never met him. But this might help explain things: