Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trade Deadline Day!


Go see what kind of mischief I'm raising over at NHLol.

The Rose-Colored Sunshine Is Half-Full At the End of The Primrose Rainbow. Yea, so we lost to the Panthers. But on the bright side, it coulda been worse. Bogo & Toby were -1 each with 5 blocked shots between them, and only slightly looked as if they didn't know where to go. Kari was ballsy last night, and I think it may have hurt him at times. Christensen's audition went well, I hope someone was watching. Even if someone wasn't, maybe he'll wakeup and become a 20 goal scorer for us sometime soon. I really like Jim Slater. I'm not saying I'd make out with him, but a nice dinner and a coffee would be cool.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Busy Already...

- Perrin on Waivers. That whole cause/effect thing again. But why didn't we at least offer him to other teams? If we lose him on waivers, we get nothing in return, right? A 4th rounder is worth more than only having to pay 1/2 of his salary.

- Avery back w/ the Rags. Rangers pickup Avery off of waivers. Not a surprise, but that doesn't diminish the possible entertainment value. 3.30.09. Fatso vs. Mr. Sloppy Seconds at MSG. Be there.

- One less goalie to shop. Nick Backtrom re-signs with the Wild. What does this do to Kari's value today & tomorrow?

- Big Waiver Day. Gary Roberts & Jon Sim among those available. Do we grab the Simmer again? I say "sure, why not?"

- Trade Speculation. Listening to the ole XM this afternoon, I heard Gary Greene, Boomer Goron & Joe Thistle idly speculate that Atlanta might be a good fit for Olli Jokinen- Thistle was positing that with the 'Yotes fiscal woes, it might be a good idea to move Jokinen and his one more year of $5.5 million dollars. At this point, it sounds like a prety appealing gamble to toss a couple of RFAs to PHX for Jokinen. Christensen & who else?

- Off-Topic. Whoah. Unwigged & Unplugged. Talkin 'bout a hell hole.

-One More Thing. Join us as tomorrow as we team up with NHLol to bring you "Don Waddell: Trade Day of Reckoning" - or some other event titled in a similarly dramatic fashion. We'll be giving you sneak peeks into the Don's thoughts all day.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Havelid Gone, Perrin Clinging to His Leg Screaming "DON'T LEAVE ME HERE!"

Wow. Havelid for Anssi Salmela. What, exactly do we know about Anssi Salmela?

- According to Hockey's Future, he's the Devils' 18th ranked prospect.
- He's 25, 5'-11", 190lbs, offensive defenseman.
- He's from Finland.
- We didn't originally sign him, Sweet Lou did. That makes me like him a little more.
- SM-liiga's highest scoring defenseman in 07-08
- He may (or may not) have a Facebok page.

This one smacks of wait-and-see.

Double wow. Perrin wants out, and he's not shy about it. Comments like this really only work in your favor if you've got a stellar resume to back it up. Sure, he's a hard worker - a fighter, just like he says. But he's easily pushed around because if his small stature, and he doesn't even have the speed a lot of the smaller guys have. He's insurance for someone else, and now he's probably made it more difficult in the dressing room for himself. Get him gone for whatever you can get for him, Don.



Putting Things Right. VERY inexcusably belated props to Here Come The Bruins for the recognition of the Thrashers' blogosphere. Big huge thanks.

Caption Contest. The crew @ Barry Melrose Rocks has a caption contest featuring our very own Eric Boulton. Go compete.

Good Numbers. Just doing a little statistical analysis (something I promised myself I'd do better with), and decided to examine Kovy's performance both before & after being awarded the 'C'

Before 14 29 16 27 43 -13 31 5 0 0 2 137 11.68% 1
After 9 11 18 10 28 3 6 5 0 1 2 80 22.50% 1.4

I knew Kovy was playing well, but not goal-doubling well. And, yes, the argument of sample size is valid (43 games before, only 20 after). But you can say with surety: Kovy's playing like Kovy should play. But that brings me to my next point...

Where the crap has this team been hiding? Y'know... the team that may not win, but leaves it out on the ice a lot more than it used too. I'm sure you've all read the latest monologue from Jeff "I used to be a fan" Schultz. My issue is not with Jeff, though he should be taken to task for not making this point clearer in his season-long "throw the team under the bus" bit. My point is stated nicely by long-time commenter named GaVaHokie (solid commenter, btw):
I’ve always blamed the players… I think they could’ve played like this all year… there’s nothing wrong with this team but effort… if they gave this effort all year, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Nobody seems to play like they care until their job is on the line, or they’re trying to look good for a trade… look how Schneider is doing in Montreal now.

I don't know about the "not having this conversation right now" thing (we would've won about 5 more games, I believe), but the situation wouldn't seem nearly as dire. There has been a rotating list of players who've needed a fit lit under 'em, and it's only been recently that everyone's been on (anything close to resembling) the same page. I fully support the protest, the root of this issue is the ownership group that has taken buffoonery to a level unreachable by mortal men - but why are these players just now "gelling"?

Attention Canadiocentric Hockey Media: Kovy likes it here - SHUT UP and live with it.

From Puck Daddy:
Let's get back to talking about Atlanta. What is keeping you in the city apart from the contract? Would you live through a move with difficulties?

"I never thought about it. I like everything in Atlanta. The organization treats me very well. My daughter is in kindergarten. She has also started doing athletics. Nicole settled well: she became busy, got new friends. We expect an addition to our family..."

And then from Sovetsky Sport:

Q: General manager of Atlanta Don Waddell gave a guarantee that he would not trade you. Do you believe him? Do you sleep well at night?

A: I always sleep well. But trades - that is business. If it happens, it happens. But I wouldn't be happy to leave Atlanta.

Q: But if tomorrow you were to wake up and find out that they had traded you to Washington, would that be a good or a bad dream?

A: It would be a provocative dream. I like everything in Atlanta. I have played here since the first day of my career. I very much hope that we will build a respectable strong team. The city is wonderful, the fans are great. We must play significantly better.
So, guys, go ahead and make up some more crap about how Kovy desperately wants out of Atlanta.

Oh, and the always fabulous ladies of Puck Huffers are discovering what we knew all along. (Careful, that link might not be suitable for... well, anyone anywhere. But you just may become addicted to their wonderful, warped view of things.)

Off-topic. Anyone else remember this Kids In The Hall bit?

Good times.