Thursday, January 15, 2009

About Last Night...

Not really what I wanted to see after the 8 goal debacle, but let's call it an acceptable loss. Some things I noticed:

- Pevs likes to go to the net. This is good.
- The possibility for chemstry with Pevs & Kovy is good (unlike the recently departed Jason Williams; you can read between the lines here, courtesy Laura @ Wazzupwitchu?).
- Boris has not made many friends on the Senators.
- Some good sustained offensive pressure at many points during the game.
- Didn't get a chance to watch, had to listen to Dan & Ex. Ex has a future in broadcasting, I believe (I don't wanna hear any "he should get started" remarks from the back of the class, let's be nice to Ex - he is injured, after all).

Later, we'll have SISOSIG, part III.

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