Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This Post Has No Title, Just Words and A Tune

Let's get this out of the way: if you can't find at least one song to love on Fulfillingness' First Finale, then you have no soul, and should probably have that looked at by some sort of specialist.

The Thrashers officially have a streak. This is very exciting.

John Manasso over at the Atlanta Business Chronicle is joining the chorus of voices chanting "Winning sells tickets," and illustrates the point finely with the Buffalo Sabers. He also shares the little tidbit that (according to American City Business Journals), the Thrashers have appreciated by 6% - thus proving the old adage "You can always make money, even if you suck".

If you haven't yet, go check out the interview with Bryan Little on the team site. Bry-Bry speaks very highly of Outsider-aproved activities like Call of Duty and playing guitar. And have you seen the vid of Lits with goal-calls by the Kamalian himself? Super rad.

But did they know the song is about heroin?

For this next item, I traveled down quite a rabbit hole, but the comedy gold at the end of this rainbow is worth it. Check out one of Bruce Garrioch's March 9th blog post regarding Ron Wilson, fearless leader of the hapless Leafs. the post in and of itself is quite funny. But it's the comments that made me almost wet myself. I like watching Ontario/Toronto flame wars. The only thing missing is one of them dropping the "Jane, you ignorant slut" bomb. Priceless. (Glove tap to Down Goes Brown, he of the "Brian Burke" Twitter account. Aces in my book.)

One of the best lines in recent memory, courtesy Mike Babcock (Via Kukla's).


Wayne from AL said...

The Thrashers have appreciated by 6%?


Either Steve Belkin wants more money, or Atlanta Spirit is/are going to ignore deteriorating rest rooms.

Laura said...

Did you just use an Elton John song as a title for a blog post? Niiiice.

Yeeah - I wondered that too about them using "Mr. Brownstone" as the theme song for Little. I, um... can we use "Night Train" for X? Because that'd be oddly appropriate.

aaron said...

Wayne - Now that you mention it, those restrooms should take at least 10-12% off the total value.

Laura - Old school elton is the only elton as far as i'm concerned. "Night Train" for X? Fantastic idea. But who gets "Sweet Child o' Mine"?

Mortimer Peacock said...

True Fact: I once ran into the chick that Axl wrote "Sweet Child o' Mine" about at an Atlanta restaraunt. Yessir. When I say "ran into" I mean "saw and didn't speak to because why in the hell would I do that?"

Stevie Wonder = a lot like God, but blind

That album in particular is fantastic.

aaron said...

Wow. See, I don't have such a filter. Which is what lead me to call Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 "Slob Fatmas" to his face. That was a little hard to talk my way out of. It was at that point I decided that maybe talking to famous people wasn't really my bag.