Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why Why Why

...is no one really talking about this?

Call me crazy, but I think this storyline is just as intriguing as the Ovie/Crosby/Malkin/Semin hype machine.

It's time for the Outsider to throw it's considerable weight & influence behind another team for this postseason. It's time to champion a cause. It's time for over-wrought melodrama. It's time to shine some light on a deserving subject.

It's time to


Thrashers Recaps said...

I receive my orders directly from NHL.com... must... cover... Sid/Ovie rivalry...

No really, I'm glad to see the Hawks winning now. Haven't had a chance to catch up on all of the highlights though. Have you been having problems with NHL.tv's highlights? The one you link is clear but whenever I go directly to the site its choppy.

aaron said...

I think that might be the overload of great playoff hockey this year. Despite the hype, the Caps/Pens series has been a barnburner, and the Canes/Bruins series has also been worth watching. I just thought the 'Hawks were getting a little short shrift.

Plus I really didn't wanna get mired in more of this Thrashers-to-Hamilton garbage. Yet.