Monday, July 6, 2009


Just some quick-hit blathering hockey thoughts on an all-too-hot Georgia afternoon:

I Love Stan Fischler. Seriously, you should really check out his Twitter feed. Some examples:
- Don't know all the details on Al Kovalev's failure to please the Habs. But he still has the goods. I'd take him for the right price.

- Here's an interesting candidate for comeback g.m. of the year. How about my buddy, Don Waddell. He's en route to securing Ilya Kovalchuk.

- Why the fuss over Dan
(sic) Brashear (to the Rangers? All's fair in love and war and we all know the NHL is a war game on ice.

- I LOVE when John Tortorella tells his Rangers that they should appreciate the comfortable manner in which they're treated. Torts gets it!
It doesn't really hurt that this is how I hear it in my head:

Speaking of Kovy:
Andy Strickland reports negotiations have begun.

I made the papers. Sorta.

Pronger to Flyers?
Yea, this'll end well. They're gonna be more watched than the series finale of LOST.

Yes, I have been waiting to use that one. No, it may not have been worth it.

Grudge Match Outside the Aud!
A Sabres fan named Vance takes Scott Burnside to task on some crap he wrote. Not that I have anything against Burnsie, just a fun read. Hey, someone should give ye olde internete smackdown to someone in Columbus. Maybe someone who's name rhymes with Aaron Portzline. Oh, wait.

It's just too friggin hot.


Laura said...

I'm amazed that Burnsie didn't manage to trash us somewhere, somehow, in that article.

Really, really shocked.

Mortimer Peacock said...

I really enjoyed Laura's takedown of that Aaron Portzline character. He's a hack and a half.