Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Caps tonight and tidbits.

Tidbits first:
- Lots of nice debate about the Kovy/White scrap. Check out Kukla's. Seems only the Leaf fans are missing the part where White cheap-shotted Kovy.

- Speaking of Kovy, here's what Mick Kern of XM204 had to say about our star. I think Mick Kern is THE best personality on Home Ice, but... c'mon Mick, Special K? He's right about one thing, though: these are Kovy's Atlanta Thrashers. He alone has the star captial to expend to bring the Birds out to the front of the NHL. Kozzy's always great, Little is on the way to being a star, Hainsey is seriously underrated, but only Kovy can make the Toronto Hockey Media even acknowledge Atlanta as a hockey city. This IS his team.

Tonight vs. the Capitals:
- Half the Caps starters are out. Kidding. But seriously, no Mike Green, no Alex Semin and no Federov (who always seemed to torch me in NHL2K when he was a Wing). Jose Theodore gets the nod in goal, who in the past has pretty much owned us. Click for expansion.

The good news is he has a .888 SV% and a 3.26 GAA against the rest of the leauge, and he was in goal when the Thrash nailed the Craps for 7 goals. Pavs gets the start, and here's hoping he stands on his head again. If the boys bring the fire again, it'll be a long night for 'ol Bruce.

Looking for his second win in as many games, Hungy Mongoose.

Go Thrashers.

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