Friday, November 28, 2008

Holy Carp.

Re: Washington. It's like they said, "Hey guys, that Toronto game was to easy. We might be getting too good at this hockey thing. Let's spot AO a hat trick and see if we can come back from that." Kind of like I did one time with my buddy Rob when we were playing NHL2K9. ZING! Srsly, I spotted him a Hank hatter, and my Thrashers still worked his Wings like a job.

Re: Tonight v. Nashville.
- Joey Crabb debuts tonight, taking EC's place on the third line, and seeing some PK time as well. Let's hope he fills the role of "aggressive winger with an eye for the back of the net."
- Nashville is coming off of a game where they demonstrated HUGE puck control. The Nashville top line has been their Kahlua line, but Shea Webber has kept pace, points-wise. We don't need to help them up their SOG average. Mongoose time.
- It'll be tougher than the Leafs, but so far this year, the boys have hung with Boston, the Rags, Detroit & Buffalo. They just need to find the right motivation during those moments when the legs seem just a little heavier, and they can take a couple of these tough close games.
- Let's go over .500 at home.

We wore out hungry mongoose, and to defeat the Preds, we need vigilance. I give you Mogoose-at-the-ready. Watch out, he's pissed.

Go Thrashers.
Defend Phillips.

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