Monday, January 26, 2009

Back to Business

Look at that face. Someone forgot to tell Ilya it's an exhibition.

And who doesn't love this guy? Well, my brother, for one. His favorite nicknames for Ovechkin: "Ovary" and "Caveman Lawyer". Seriously, I have uncles that dress up like this. Y'know what we do with them? Well, besides cutting off their alcohol consumption, we hide them. And we never speak of that moment again. That, my friends, is the power of the 'Vech. Gaze and dream, young Russians... gaze and dream. And for those that thought OVs twitter account was nothing more than a PR firm intern, well, I give you this tidbit from Puck Daddy:
Ovechkin then skated over to the stands, tossing the hat and glasses into the crowd. Later, he was shown with a cell phone in his hand on the bench - text messaging a vote for himself, perhaps?
So, the tweet that hit my celly while I was under the car fighting an alternator may just have been the 'Vech? Take that, cynics!

But I'm ready for the games to count again.

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