Friday, January 30, 2009

That Was The Kind of Game....

...that makes you glad you missed the first ten minutes, 'cause it was apparently (somehow) worse than this.

...that makes you want to shut it of after the "comeback" falls short, no matter how much time is left.

...that provides punctuation to the owners' sentence: "Screw you, fan, and be content to watch our tax write-off."

...that makes you wish you lived in Chicago.

...that mars the reputation of not just NHL hockey in Atlanta, but hockey as a general idea in Atlanta.

...that the players say to the fans, "Hey, we know your life sucks, but so do we."

...that gives fans little reason to blog, wear your team colors/t-shirt/jersey, or even get excited at all about going to another game.

...that makes star players (that would otherwise make a home & career here) leave.

...that makes you wonder what you could have done with all the money you spent on hockey tickets, even though you did get them half-price.

...that makes you think "I wish I could get at least $400,000 for standing on ice for an hour."

Anybody got anything else?


Wayne in Alabama said...

It's the game that makes you ask, "Jim Balsillie/Winnepeg/Hamilton, do you really want this pathetic, overpriced sack o' crap?"

Mortimer Peacock said...

...that will inflate the attendance numbers at Philips into the negative 900s?