Friday, February 20, 2009

My Long National Nightmare is Over

After a couple of weeks of computer nightmares at work (and seriously toying with the idea of becoming a total Luddite), I am prepared to resume blogging. I'm certain you've all missed me and have found a serious hole in your life without the regular verbal meanderings of your trusty Outsider.

Right then.

According to Mr. Ben Wright, one Slava Kozlov is 5 for 5 in shootouts this year. That's pretty astounding. As is the Thrash's 4-1 record in the shootout as a team. What's the team's overall record in the shootout since it's inception? Who've been the key shootout performers? Maybe some statistical analysis is in order...

Right after I go catch up on my LOLcats.

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Brian said...

The better question is not since inception, but since the lockout as games ended in ties before 04-05 (or 05-06, really).

The Thrashers are 24-16 in shootouts since then. Not bad.