Friday, February 20, 2009

Some Linkage

Craig is Back to Blogging. The dear and (nearly) departed Craig Custance is blogging again for The Sporting News. Wouldn't ya know, his first blog back was about some Thrashers }ahem{ flying the coop at the trade deadline. I'm fully aware that of all the rumors flying, only about .05% of them will end up playing out - but all the talk of losing Army bugs me. I'd like to see him stick around and build a solid career here. It's not often you can get a holt of a player who's phyiscal, can score 20 goals and has personality to spare, n'at.* Nic Havelid, on the other hand, he can go. I think he deserves a team that playes his style of hockey, and he's pretty valuable right now - like a 3rd rounder & a prospect valuable, in the right situation. Also, if you look hard enough, you'll find a Hossa post that'll stomp all over your sense of team spirit and general sportsmanship just by mentioning the name of Ritch Winter. That's always fun.

*Some yinzer-talk thrown in for old times sake.

More A$G Trial Info. Atlanta Business Chronicle's BallBiz Blog is heavy on the local litigation. Authored by one John Manasso, this should be a great place for info. The Feb 19th post did a good job clearing up (for me, anyway) exactly what each side was seeking; a little tidbit of knowledge that I had yet to grasp.

The First of the BIG DEALS. This one involving Comrie, Campoli, McAmmond and a very well-traveled first round pick.

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Mortimer Peacock said...

Wow. How about that? The Comrie trade, i mean. I heard it here first.

I actually don't think Army's going to go anywhere. He has a definite role to play on the team, and DW would look extra silly trading him.