Friday, March 20, 2009

Gameday Wings

Can I tell you something? I hate the Red Wings. Have for a long, long time. I would lug my Dreamcast up to my buddy Rob's place, and we'd drink Strongbow and have it out until the wee hours. I was the Rangers (whom, ironically, I also now despise), and Rob was the Wings. Nothing would piss me off more than to see Stephane Quintal botch the reception of an Adam Graves pass, and next thing I know, there goes Federov trucking it down the ice... ah... jeeze.. LKASJFKASHFUIWANC!!!1! aaaaand he flips it right past Richter. Garbage. This sucks, I'm going home. Huh? We have HOW many bottles of Strongbow left? Crap. Fine, one more game. Then I'd make Rob pay with a steady string of Nedved - Fleury one timers. Eat THAT, Osbad... Yeah, we had the two-line pass & offsides off... didn't everybody?

Trip down memory lane notwithstanding, I really dislike Red Wing fans. The minute you mention that you're a hockey fan, out comes this stream of babble that inevitably includes "11 Cups, baby!"; "Scotty Bowman"; "11 Cups!"; "Dynasty"; "Stevie Y"; "Who else has 11 Cups? Yea, the Habs don't count..."; "The Joe" and/or "Hockeytown"; and the not-so-subtle insinuation that fans of sunbelt teams aren't really fans of hockey. Classy.

Anyway, Kovy sounds pumped. Me too.

AO can be a classless punk. But we knew that.

Elliotte Friedman of the CBC talks about Crosby's groin punching and general clownery. He says it's an improvement. Like Jarome Iginla. Mm-hm. Cause I love it when Jarome violates the third-man-in rule, uses another man's crotchial area as a speed bag, and then proceeds to cry because another guy looked at him funny.

Go Thrashers.

Wings suck.


Rob (THE Rob who does not drink Strongbow) said...

Wings 6
Thrashers 3

Better for both teams...

Thrashers do not hurt their draft position (kids are important).

Wings get closer to the President's Trophy and home ice for the playoffs.

Go Wings...
Go Draft...

Go Federov (oh, he already went?)
Then Go Datsyuk and all the Sweedes.

And Happy 2nd Anny.

Wayne from AL said...

Christ, I HATE the Wings because:
1. They the team that started bringing over Europeans en masse into the NHL (yeah, I know about the Stastnys but that was long before), forcing other teams to do the same.
2. If all these people come from that urban hellhole called Detroit, how come they never come out to support the Pistons, Lions, and Tigers on the road?

Fuck 'em all.

Laura said...

I hate the Wings for the same reason that I hate the Blackhawks. I'm from St. Louis, and it's genetic.


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