Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I mean, honestly. Who throws a shoe?

So, last night, as I was falling asleep, I was forming in my head the post I was going to do this morning about how the Pens (and other teams) get away with so much crap against the Thrashers. It was going to be epic, guys... srsly... from Ruutu to Vetch to Cooke. But Rawhide Bill beat me to it.

On second thought, it is my blog.... so let's just add a little to Mr. Bill's thoughts.

Take a look at this little ditty from the Caps game on Monday (lower left, first two seconds):

Whadddaya know... Ovechkin. Leaving his feet. Hmm. Oh yea, and the Thrash/Pens game, 11.20.08. I seem to remember Kris Letang boarding Todd White, causing the Todd to head to the locker room for a considerable amount of time.

Speaking of video, check out the video at the Puck Daddy post about last night's Bogo hit.

Lots of Pens fans are calling this a clean hit. Lets take a look at another extremely hard, but clean, hit on a Thrasher.

Awww, look at Boris spreading a little Christmas cheer. I think he may be getting Chris Neil some kind of funk record or something, right? Lots. Of funk. Do you see the difference? Neil led with his shoulder, Cooke led with his knee. Even from the FSN/Pitt angle, this inarguable. Cooke knows better than that. At least, you'd think a 10 year NHL vet would know better than that.
Oh yea, just for Rawhide, video of last year's Ruutu hit:

Good lord, I need a mood booster. LoL time!


Thrashers Recaps said...

Yeah they need to crack down on the charging penalties, I see people (including Kovy) leave their feet all the time for a hit.

Spec7ral said...

Cooke hit was definitely not clean, that was a kneejob. And from watching him for years in Vancvouer, I can tell you, he knew exactly what he was doing there.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love how in almost every feed on a dirty hit the TV guys say it's a "clean" hit? Credit to Ottawa, it was an awesome CLEAN hit.

debrisslide said...

Hey, Thrashers games always get really fucking nasty somehow. I don't know why. Anyway, I totally forgot to do something over at PH for the last meeting between the Thrashers and Pens this season. And that is link your awesome blog. Damn it. I'll be sure to include some pimpage next time I post.

Sunshine36616 said...

Great post! Good points, backed up by video links and a funny baby. Posts don't get any better than that.

God I hate the Pens announcers. Clean hit my ass. Cookie monster needs to go down.

Nick Young said...

Fuck the pens, fuck you pens fans and fuck you canadian personal who automaticly think that just cuz were in the south were a bunch a hillbillies that cant play hockey. we have die hard hockey fans and barely any american made players so all you refs from montreal or ottawa who are biased because yeah weve had a rough begining to the franscise. FUCK YOU. i honestly didnt really hate the pens (just the crosby, you pussy) intil now. either canadian teams or well known teams are all getn away with any fucking thing they want. when was the last time a lightning panthers or even carolina players got away for a fucking assasinoation atempt. but then we get called for tapping the other dude along the boards. i mean what the hell you fucking bastards. you wonder why no one in the philips croud misses a chance to boo you guys so much? hey next year if one of our players arent dead, were ganna shove it right up those northern hillbillies asses when we make it to the playoffs and wow the board. why do you think we just won 6 in a row and then lost to a team that belives they have to play dirty to beat us. why the hell dont we get any recognition for our team winning a game. we got one clip on the week highlights out of the huge handful of highlight plays and saves even though some not so great ones made it to the rell just because they are known to be better. after each game on the air, they dont talk about how much we raped them, they talk about how poorly the other team played. that caps game, we played crazy awesome and almost shut them out. at the end if you recal, one of the comentators said "well the caps had a chance to pass jersey but they blew it to one of the worst teams in the nhl" he came back on laughing. YES WE HAVE FANS AND HELL YES WE ROCK, ALL YOU BASTARDS WHO THINK DIFERENTLY...GO KILL YOUR SELF. YEAH I AM A DIE HARD HOCKEY FAN AND YEAH I AM ONLY 13 BUT I GOT SOME FUCKING GOOD AND DAMN RIGHT OPINIONS. SUCK IT AND GO THRASHERS!