Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scouting Report: Rick Dudley

Craig Custance brought the knowledge at 1:52pm, via Twitter that the Thrashers had hired Chicago Blackhawks Assistant GM Rick Dudley to be Associate GM under DW.

(EDIT: the Blackhawks didn't make the announcement until 3:51pm. If that mins a-whata think it mins [horribly placed Inigo Montoya reference], then I'm very happy.)

Am I reading too much into the creative wordplay there? According to Kevin Allen,
Waddell has been looking to add another strong voice to his staff, and Dudley was lured to Atlanta by the challenge of an expanded role in the Thrashers’ organization.

Dudley has previously been a GM in Tampa Bay and Florida. He has always indicated that he enjoyed the personnel decisions much more than he enjoyed the contact negotiations side of management.

Let's look at Dudley's GMing rap sheet:

2006-2009 - Asst GM, Chicago Blackhawks
2004-2006 - Hockey Ops Consultant, Chicago Blackhawks
2002-2004 - GM, Florida Panthers
1999-2002 - GM, Tampa Bay Lightning

This is what we know about Rick Dudley:

- He likes trading the #1 pick. A bunch.
- He basically assembled what was to become the 2004 Stanley Cup winning Tampa Bay Lightning (a speedy, high-scoring team that was defensively responsible).
- He likes building fast young teams full of "soft Euros and Russians."
- He doesn't like Mike Keenan.
- He was a big part of the Blackhawks' current success - or, at least he's had 4 years to soak up that Dale Tallon goodness.
- Lookie here - Donnie's been a fan for a while:
"'Anyone who knows Rick Dudley knows that the day he took over [June 8], the Lightning became a better franchise,' says Thrashers general manager Don Waddell."

He understands franchises that are rebuilding on a budget (see Panthers, Florida and Lightning, Tampa Bay), but he also has had insight into the Blackhawks recent draft plan, which probably doesn't include many high picks, but does include sitting next to/near/in the same room as Greatest Hockey Mind in the Universe™ Scotty Bowman. No no no... it doesn't matter that it was only a year - just to touch Scotty is a Vulcan mind-meld download of the secrets of the Hockey Universe. Like a 10,000-volt charge.

Why do you think Scotty always looks constipated?

Okay, I'm declaring myself unfit for anymore writing.

You're welcome.

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