Monday, June 8, 2009

The Wait Is Over!!!! Let The Party Begin!!!

Yes, folks - the joyous news has been received:

Marty "The Party" Reasoner is a Thrasher for two more years.

Add this to the recent signing of Anssi Salmela (who, thanks to Razor @ teh Chronicle shall be heretofore known as "Peanut"), and the Thrashers are in the midst of their best offseason in recent memory.

Quiet, you cynics - that's supposed to sound like optimism.

Be sure to come visit me while I house-sit for nhLOL. You bring the keg, and I'll sit in a parking lot, picking my nose until George Clinton shows up.

"You're majoring in a 5000 year-old dead language?"
"Uh... yeah."
"Out. Get out of my room."

Sorry. Back to business.

All that remains is to sign Army, Slates, Thor, Kari, Boris....

...oh yea, and some other Russian dude.

Remember folks, optimism.

EDIT: From the venerable Craig Custance, Guru of Puck @ The Sporting News, terms on the Reasoner deal are 2 years at $2.3 million total. A decent raise and a modicum of security for our Mr. Reasoner.


Sunshine36616 said...

Great news! I'm super excited over this.

Anonymous said...

I like the optimism. I'll be even more optimistic if we sign Ilya Nikulin early.

Sanskrit got Latin. Phys. Ed. got told to leave. Classic movie.

aaron said...

Anon - remembered that last night during dinner. good catch. it might seem as if NIkulin likes the motherland ok. i was thinking though, what could his rights be worth as a throw-in on, say, a goalie trade? maybe the idea of tons o' money AND playing for a contender would be enough for him to come on over, and we'd get something out of the whole mess.