Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So... wait.... what?

Last night was a date night. A mandated night in my household where no hockey shall be viewed, listened to, played, or discussed. Mrs. B lays down the law every so often, hence the blog. It gives me an outlet for my hockey fix. Anyway, we were watching a charming little comedy called Step Brothers. Thusly, I. Missed. Everything.

THREE goals in FIFTYNINE seconds?!?!?!

Oyster did WHAT?!?!?

I wish to God that Christensen had the talent to match the toughness:
Erik Christensen left the ice with a subluxated right shoulder, popped the joint back into place himself and got back in the game.
Big Shooter has a fantastic idea. Seriously, I am all for this trade. Let's go ahead and get this deal done, and Spez could be in the road whites after gameday skate... or, we could have another disgruntled, expensive player on our hands. That's what you get when you dig yourself into a hole this big. Whatev. In that spirit, go chekc the Pensblog for a Pens retrospective that may give us a little hope.

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