Thursday, December 4, 2008

It Just. Gets. Worse.

Absolute Idiocy.*

*blueland outsider takes no responsibility for any loss of time, words, or intelligence that may be incurred by clicking the above link. Especially if you read the comments.

edit: My official editorial position is thus: A trade would make me frowny. That is true. But as long as a trade netted us 2 or 3 good young *potential* stars (not draft picks; I have an utter, a complete, and an overall abysmal lack of confidence in the drafting ability of the current regime), I would be satisfied. But, there's always a danger of this. Anyway, my thought on the Bradley article is: Shut up. All of you. Just.... shut your mouths. You're just... you're just coming off stupid. Yes, there are many intelligent Thrasher fans out there (just to name a few). But the rest is just white noise. I guess the best response has already been written.

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