Friday, February 6, 2009


-Which team will show up tonight? No, I mean which Thrashers team will show up tonight?

-Knobes has a great writeup on the Kaluha line; Slava, Litts & the Todd seem optimistic the chances will soon turn into points, and that's half the battle.

- Boults racked up 26 PIMs in the last matchup with NJ. 3 guesses as to what they were for. Nope, not delay of game. He and Devil Mike Rupp may have to renew their acquaintance before the end of the night.

- Lehtonen in goal tonight. Let's not make him work as hard, shall we, boys?

- The NJD are on a 3 game roll at Phillips. Uh oh.

- Still no Army on the top line with Pevs & Kovy. When will we learn?

- I will eat a copy of the gameday program if we don't get outshot this evening. Promise.

- Speaking of eating:

No Marty yet. Sad face.

Go Thrashers.


Wayne said...

Well, we found out which team would show up almost immediately...

Laura said...

That photoshop is brilliant.