Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kari Topples The King: Thrashers Win

Snuck little listens to the game last night, even though I promised myself I wouldn't. My thoughts:

- God bless Adam Graves. As a younger pup, I watched Ranger games on my dad's new-fangled cable-equipped TV. Even then, I could tell some players were different. Gravey might not have been the flashiest, he might not have been the most prolific scorer (though he was no slouch), but you knew to keep your eyes on him. If you could bottle whatever it is that he's got, let me be the first to order each Thrasher a case. As a matter of fact, I move to make Adam Graves an assistant coach, pronto. Classy move with the 9's on all the jerseys, Rags.

- Oyster man read him his Reitz. Yea, that's all I got on that.

- Motzoh ball. The Motzko goal was good old-fashioned hard work. More, please. More.

- Put Army back on the big line. Please. For us.

- Kari = Teh Hotness. He is straight gas over the last two games. But with Sunday come the Flyers. At home. Let's hold off 'till then.

- The Watch Is On. Knobes @ the Atlanta Junk/Crap is getting all Geico'd out with the Scout Watch.


Thrashers Recaps said...

You really want to keep the Motzoh ball? I thought it was our intention to play him to hopefully get a goal (which he did) so that we can trade him for something that we need like defense.

aaron said...

I was asking for more of that work ethic that caused the goal. Who actually scored it was kind of secondary. If the Motzoh nets us some return, I'm all for shipping him out. He seems to have the work ethic & mental toughness to be able to crack the ranks somewhere.