Wednesday, February 25, 2009

God Bless the Circus - Thrashers Win

Editor's Note: We here at the Outsider believe in things like recycling, compost piles, and other tree-hugging crap like that. In that spirit, we present (in it's entirety) the post we wrote yesterday and accidentally clicked 'Save Now' instead of 'Publish Post'. As an added bonus, we give you some new useless meanderings as well. Remember kids: Give A Hoot - don't throw your crap on the side of the road. That creepy indian guy will find you. And you'll feel awful.

Old Crap, From Yesterday

I can imagine the thought process behind the Avs canceling their morning skate:

"The circus? No ice yet? Meh, we don't need to drive all the way out to the 'burbs to skate... besides, it's only the Thrashers; we'll use the first period as our gameday skate..."

Redemption, Thy Name Is Peverly

And with that, the Dispenser returns to his point-per-game pace since The Pickup.

Numbers That Make Me Happy:

- 4 The number of years on the extention signed by one Tobias Enstrom in September of 2008. (Quick Trivia: What's Enstrom's first name? According to his Wikipedia page, Ulf. I'd go with Toby too, if it were me).

- 61% Our faceoff win percentage last night. Now if only that could somehow translate into more shots...

- 3-1-1 Our record over the last five games.

- ~52 1/2 The number of minutes per game our team has played solid hockey over that span.

- 8 The number of days we have left to put up with annoying Canadiocentric hockey media speculating where Kovy might go on deadline day.

Numbers That Make Me Sad

- -5 Our current shots/game differential. That's just bad.

- 8 The number of days my gut tells me we have left to spend with Marty Reasoner Nic Havelid before they're headed to a contender. But the good news is, according to the Falconer, Toby plays just fine without Havs.

- 5-7-1 Our record since the All-Star break. Not much to get excited about, yet I'm excited that the team is playing better.

All New Crap From Today

- Welcome Back Marty!

I'm sorry, Brodeur fat jokes never get old.

- As The Blueline Turns... Whitney's out and Kunitz & Tangradi are in for the Pens. Poor Whits... comes back from injury, and now he has to move.

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