Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? Thrashers Lose.

Okay, someone needs to set up a big circle of Dmen and goalies. Have 'em all do trust falls until they get weepy & huggy. Make some popcorn and some kind of chocolate something, spread pillows out on the floor, and they can play Mystery Date in their PJs until they're BFFs. Someone needs to do something, because all that teammateness I yakked on and on about yesterday went straight down the crapper that is the Bell Centre.

Kari, Kari Kari. If it takes him this long to shake the bad game against Detroit, he's not ready. Metro's goal should not have happened. Not at all, not ever. Five goals on 14 shots? Yes, lets toss that first Tanguay goal, that kinda wasn't his fault. Four goals on 13 shots doesn't sound much better.


For a much better, much more statistically comprehensive rant, see the lovely Laura and her post. I'm just much too emotional....


Wayne from AL said...

Should've done like me: during the first intermission, I switched over to the Chuck Jones documentary and cartoons on TCM and forgot about the game until a break where I switched back to SportSouth, and the Thrashers were getting walloped.

Laura said...

Aww - thank you for the link. It's just a pissed off rant that I posted on the boards, but I figured I needed to recycle it, it was just too good.

So, basically we need a girls' night and The Wedding Singer? Sign me up! I want to do Boris's hair.