Friday, March 27, 2009

What I Learned Last Night

- Todd White, CPA = $$ in the Bank

- It occurs to me that Kovy may not have read my letter. Watching angry Kovy in the time-out box was no fun...
- Angry Sean, however, was very entertaining.
- After a game, I find I can sing very much like that fellow from Kings of Leon.
- Marty Reasoner. Give the man anything he desires.
- I hate Ranger fans.
- Did we have the rookie officiating crew last night? Our no goal looked pretty good to me, and their no goal took way too long to disallow.


Thrashers Recaps said...

lol on the pic. But didn't Marty already sign?

aaron said...

According to the stuff I've read, he's only on a 1yr/$1mil deal, and is a UFA this summer. I'm hoping he's not here as just a resume builder looking to score with a contender in the off-season.

Laura said...

Next year, The Todd's doing my taxes. Forget TaxSlayer.

At the very least, isn't he a better nominee for Sec. of the Treasury?