Friday, November 21, 2008

You gotta be kidding me...

Re: 1st Star, Sidney Crosby?
The "Atlanta Hockey Media" voted for the only name they recognized on the scoresheet. I get it. He's good. Quit shoving it down our throats. I "hated" him as a joke, 'cause my wife thought he was cute.... Now I see him so much, I wanna vomit. Gimme Ovie, Iginla or even Avery over this guy.
I know, never blog angry. Three points is a pretty good night. Still... makes me wanna vomit...

Re: Letang's hit on Todd White
If that'd been Sid (or even Malkin) instead of Todd, Pens (and much of the NHL) would be calling for the officials heads on a joke no-boarding call that.

Re: Matt Cooke's impression of Lithgow at the end of Cliffhanger
Ah, diving as only Sid can teach. Good to see the fundamentals are being passed on.

Re: Officiating
Unconfirmed reports are saying that sometime before the game, a box of Dunkin Donuts was placed in front of Ref Don Koharski's locker with note that read "Bon appetit, M.T."


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