Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Calling 'em out

Thrashers: Boys, you suck. Not because you aren't skilled, but because you you don't care. I mean, the LEAFS. After last game honor was on the line, and you guys demonstrated exactly what you think about that. You're being paid at least $450,000 a year to look like this? Time to swap rosters with the Wolves, trade Kovy for the Sedins (or whatever idiocy is going to transpire), sell the team to Balsillie and root for the Hamilton Thrashers. The pic posted by our blogging bretheren @ the Chronicle says it all....

Pensblog: Look, I get it: if you want factual news, go somewhere else. The Pensblog staff have a certain level of (let's say) irreverence to maintain. I love 'em, and I don't rate any kind of response, but...
This might be the biggest non-story of all time. We're the only ones right, therefore we are wrong, apparently, as the rest of the hockey internet world wants Crosby to be punished.
Um... huh? Non-story? One professional athlete joins an in-progress melee and punches another professional athlete in the groin multiple times and it's a non-story?
Basically, this is what happens when Crosby, who has been churning out cliches and run-of-the-mill quotes since he was 8 while being the face of Canadian hockey and essentially Reebok nowadays, goes a little bit off the beaten path.
"A little off the beaten path"? A little? What's the difference between Sid's lapse in judgement here, and Chris Pronger's lapse in judgement? Or Chris Simon's multiple lapses? Yes, the results were vastly different, but the route used to get there was the same. Something made Sid mad. Sid get mad, Sid's good judgement goes out the frickin window. Why should he be treated any different from any other player? Just 'cause he's had a camera trained on him for his entire coherent life, that means punch the nearest opponent in the groin? Isn't that what Eric Goddard is there for, anyway, to take care of whoever tries to cheap shot Sid?
Nobody's made a joke about that's as close Crosby will ever get to a Cup?
Nobody's made a joke about Puck Daddy being an expert at going after a man's balls?
Yes. These are valid points. I expect more from my hockey bloggers. 8am gameday skate and windsprints for all of us.
If it wasn't for Puck Daddy, we wouldn't have even known about this thing turning into some kind of scandal.
To steal a phrase: Whatev.

Much love, staff. And don't hold it against me that I'm a Thrashers fan. You play the hand you're dealt.

Maybe I'll find that trade to Chicago I've been asking for under the tree.

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