Monday, December 22, 2008

Gameday & Scraps

- P(uck)Daddy lends a considerable voice to the "Shots Heard 'Round the League" debate.The interesting thing is this - no one, not even Pens fans, is saying Sid wasn't acting as a world-class douche; they're all just making excuses as to why it's okay. But if you ask me, no amount of slewfoot in the corner or lovetaps with the butt of a stick Crosby allegedly recieves could equal the premeditated third-man-in mafia-style goonery Crosby dished out on Boris. Seriously, having two of your boys pin your target down while you pummel his groin.. c'mon.

- Watching the Thrash/Lightning game on Saturday, I was reminded of Mark Recchi's comments about wanting to play for a good team.... something about something going around.... and then coming around...

- Ryan Malone is a joke.

- Ian White, yer on, pal. Let's see what you got.

Go Thrashers.

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