Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Not mentioning the w-i-n last night - lets not jinx it. After all, it was the Islanders.

Congrats, Kovy, and a classy move on the dish to Army. Well deserved milestone. I hope we get to see number 1,000 at Phillips.

PDaddy has an interesting post on Gaborik trade possibilites. There's been a lot of noise involving a Kovy-for-Gabby swap. But most of it comes from a source only slightly more reliable than Eklund. So here's what we know:

- DW watched the Wild on two occasions.
- Marion Gaborik is unhappy in Minnie; most likely wants to play in a run-and-gun high octane offensive style.
- Trading Kovy right now is an idea so stupid, a trained seal would have a hard time swallowing it if it were written on the side of a herring. (Let's hope DW spends time at the aquarium.)

I'm holding out an ever-dimming hope that Mikko Koivu comes our way. In that purely hypothetical vein, I've place a poll on the page to that extent.

The more likely scenario is DW trading what assets of value we have for a Slovakian winger named Marian who will probably depart at the end of the year for the largest cash-grab since...

Last year.

I don't see this ending well.

But wouldn't it be cool to watch Kovy & Gabby on a line? Centered by... Jason Williams... Eric Perrin... Jim Slater...

Aw, nevermind.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Grace and peace to all.

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