Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pittslanta? Thrashburgh? Or maybe just Suckville.

Last night I was going to pick up a pizza, and had the enjoyable experience of listening to Jamie Shalley & Peter Berce host the Face Off on ye olde XM radio. They were discussing the Pens with some Pittsburgh "correspondent" and the subject of the Pens lack of secondary scoring came up. See, appearantly, after the first line of Geno & Bing and their combined 86 points, the next highest point-getter is Miro Satan with 19, followed by another 7 players in double digits.

Now, to a Thrashers fan, this is called "The Promised Land."

Anyway, I don't know if it was Shalls or Berce that posited the idea of Kovy going to the Pens, but it was thrown out there. And the obligitory discussion of who would be sent back to ATL. Staal/Goligoski/Lovejoy/whoever-leaves-the-dressing-room-last-after-a-bad-loss all got mentioned. Then the talk of Kovy's ability to be "just" a secondary scorer came up. Pretty sure he'd do just fine anywhere on that lineup. I mean, geeze, Hal Gill is out, let's pencil him in as the enforcer.

My point is this: has Atlanta leapfrogged Tampa and become the new Pittsburgh South?

Cause, really... that's a great goal to have.


Mortimer Peacock said...

I've always kind of thought of ATL as Pittsburgh South. I mean, look at who we've got on our team: Armstrong, Christensen, Thorburn, uhhhhh...Johan Hedberg, even.

aaron said...

Absolutely. Gives even more credence to my hope that in a couple of years, we'll be doing blog retrospectives about how we used to suck, but now we don't.

Then I wake up and remind myself to lay off the Guinness & Extreme Moose Tracks ice cream before bed.