Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gameday v Flyers, or Everyone Loves Hartnell

- Slates out w/ a bruised shoulder, listed day-to-day. The break is a good thing.

- No Ex tonight. Sad face.

- Briere is headed back to the doctor? Oh my. Didn't see tha.... Oh, wait.

- Alan Muir of predicts the Don is headed out to pasture sometime soon. See? Muir gets it! EDIT: But who might Darren Eliot be referring to with the comment about a "well-known winger that fits in on Sidney Crosby's line"?

- Thrash are 4-5-1 on the tail of back-to-backers, but 0-11 against Nitty. But he's had the sniffles. So... there's that.

- Bogo knows what to say (from
"We have worked hard the last couple of games,” rookie defenseman Zach Bogosian said. “We need to not get a big head and keep things simple. Play every shift like it’s 0-0.”
- For those that don't know, congratulations to the staff of the Blueland Chronicle on one year of blogging success.

Finally, just 'cause it's Hartnell...

(The look on that lady's face is classic...)

Flyers suck.
Go Thrashers.

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