Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This'll get old one day. But not today.

Re: The Peverley Bounce? No, it's not the hottest new dance in the Buckhead clubs - it's the initial jolt after a fresh dispensation of some Pevs. After last nights' 3rd period, I'm wondering if it isn't starting to wear off. No real sustained pressure, 18 shots allowed... not a good sign. Kari shouldn't have to work that hard. Hopefully the momentum can keep rolling tonight.

Re: Scoring. I love it when people not named Kovalchuk have mutli-point games and multi-game point streaks. Shuts the haters right up.

Re: Jimmy Slater Get well soon. Haste the return of Joe's Crabb Shack. And hopefully Ex. 'Cause this looks like fun:

Next up: Philthadelphia.

Fact: I have never been to a Flyers game without someone wearing orange being escorted out of the arena. True story.


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LOL, Joe's Crab Shack is probably the best nickname I've heard in a while.