Thursday, January 22, 2009


Re: Last Night. Like I said, gross.

Re: What bias? I wonder if TSN likes the Flyers better than the Thrashers? 'Cause the headline "Flyers make short work of Thrashers" sounds like a fair assessment of last nights' game, right?

Re: Some guys aren't built for the broadcast booth. Chris Therien (colorman, former "illustrious defenseman" for the Flyers) is a joke. The jobbing of Valabik was uncalled for.

Therien: "Does Boris even speak english?"
Tim Saunders: "Valabik was a first round draft pick..."
Therien: "What league?"
Saunders: "Valabik hales from Slovakia..."
Therien: "So he's not the 'Siberian Express'?"

At the very least, unprofessional. We pretty spoiled with Kamal.

But please enjoy this forgotten gem from McSweeney's Internet Tendency starring Mr. Therien. If you've not discovered McSweeney's, I also reccomend "Journal of a Cobra Recruit" and "Journal of a Seasoned Cobra Veteran."

That's about all I got right now.

Beh. Just, gross....


Mortimer Peacock said...

Ah, McSweeney's. You have good taste.

The Therien piece was hilarious; had no idea hockey ever came up over there.

aaron said...

The Todd Fedoruk one was even better. God knows, I'd rather face the Burgundians than have to buddy-buddy with Fedoruk...