Monday, January 19, 2009

Should I Stay or Should I Go, Part 4

#9 LW Erik Christensen

Pros: Great stickhandling with the puck; Shootout stud; Plenty of offensive potential

Cons: "Crusher" tends to separate his shoulder delivering checks; hasn't really found a role in the lineup

Crusher's a funny one. It looked as if he was beginning to live up to his potential in Pittsburgh, only to be traded to Atlanta at the deadline last year. It seemed to unsettle him, and it looks as if he hasn't found his groove yet. He excels at the shootout, but it would be nice if he had the confidence to pull some of that stuff in-game.

Verdict: He's not a special teams pro or a banger/energy guy, but plays on those lines. He's got offensive potential, but hasn't hit his stride here. As much as I like him, I think he'd be better playing somewhere else. Go.

#19 C Marty Reasoner

Pros: Penalty kill; defensively responsible, Solid human being.

Cons: Not much.

Verdict: I think this is a rare example of a Thrasher being paid to do exactly what he does on the ice. $1 mil this year, UFA next year. Let's make every effort to get him to Stay.

#11 C Eric Perrin

Pros: Hardworking French-Canadian hockey player; 40pt/year potential; Small & speedy

Cons: Getting older (34); Points pace has slowed considerably this year

Verdict: Eric Perrin seems to be tailored to HC Johnny A's mongoosing system. I'd pass on him if he started looking for a significant raise this off-season. If his point prodcution picks back up, Stay.


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