Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Busy Already...

- Perrin on Waivers. That whole cause/effect thing again. But why didn't we at least offer him to other teams? If we lose him on waivers, we get nothing in return, right? A 4th rounder is worth more than only having to pay 1/2 of his salary.

- Avery back w/ the Rags. Rangers pickup Avery off of waivers. Not a surprise, but that doesn't diminish the possible entertainment value. 3.30.09. Fatso vs. Mr. Sloppy Seconds at MSG. Be there.

- One less goalie to shop. Nick Backtrom re-signs with the Wild. What does this do to Kari's value today & tomorrow?

- Big Waiver Day. Gary Roberts & Jon Sim among those available. Do we grab the Simmer again? I say "sure, why not?"

- Trade Speculation. Listening to the ole XM this afternoon, I heard Gary Greene, Boomer Goron & Joe Thistle idly speculate that Atlanta might be a good fit for Olli Jokinen- Thistle was positing that with the 'Yotes fiscal woes, it might be a good idea to move Jokinen and his one more year of $5.5 million dollars. At this point, it sounds like a prety appealing gamble to toss a couple of RFAs to PHX for Jokinen. Christensen & who else?

- Off-Topic. Whoah. Unwigged & Unplugged. Talkin 'bout a hell hole.

-One More Thing. Join us as tomorrow as we team up with NHLol to bring you "Don Waddell: Trade Day of Reckoning" - or some other event titled in a similarly dramatic fashion. We'll be giving you sneak peeks into the Don's thoughts all day.

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Thrashers Recaps said...

lol, already did a Waddell post myself in anticipation.