Monday, March 2, 2009

Havelid Gone, Perrin Clinging to His Leg Screaming "DON'T LEAVE ME HERE!"

Wow. Havelid for Anssi Salmela. What, exactly do we know about Anssi Salmela?

- According to Hockey's Future, he's the Devils' 18th ranked prospect.
- He's 25, 5'-11", 190lbs, offensive defenseman.
- He's from Finland.
- We didn't originally sign him, Sweet Lou did. That makes me like him a little more.
- SM-liiga's highest scoring defenseman in 07-08
- He may (or may not) have a Facebok page.

This one smacks of wait-and-see.

Double wow. Perrin wants out, and he's not shy about it. Comments like this really only work in your favor if you've got a stellar resume to back it up. Sure, he's a hard worker - a fighter, just like he says. But he's easily pushed around because if his small stature, and he doesn't even have the speed a lot of the smaller guys have. He's insurance for someone else, and now he's probably made it more difficult in the dressing room for himself. Get him gone for whatever you can get for him, Don.


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