Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trade Deadline Day!


Go see what kind of mischief I'm raising over at NHLol.

The Rose-Colored Sunshine Is Half-Full At the End of The Primrose Rainbow. Yea, so we lost to the Panthers. But on the bright side, it coulda been worse. Bogo & Toby were -1 each with 5 blocked shots between them, and only slightly looked as if they didn't know where to go. Kari was ballsy last night, and I think it may have hurt him at times. Christensen's audition went well, I hope someone was watching. Even if someone wasn't, maybe he'll wakeup and become a 20 goal scorer for us sometime soon. I really like Jim Slater. I'm not saying I'd make out with him, but a nice dinner and a coffee would be cool.

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