Monday, November 17, 2008


X Still Hasn't Figured It Out: When Talking To Scott Hartnell,
Use Small Words And SPEAK SLOWLY.

The Flyers Crash The Crease Like It's Filled With
Booze & "Get Out Of Suspension Free" Cards

Re: Philthadelphia Game

Big up to Slava & Little, especially Bryan extending a point streak to six games AND jumping back out on the ice after a rough check. Gamer of the night. Moose & Havelid need to run some Herbies after Lupul's goal.

Other than that...

I grew up in NEPA - I've seen Flyer fans in their natural habitat. A level of darkness unseen by normal human beings.

We shall speak of it no longer.

Re: Attrapé!

Seems some Habs fans got caught stuffing the box. Now they're saying "...shyea, like it matters..."

From Habs Inside/Out:

"Late last week, the NHL said it was studying the legitimacy of this Habs runaway, the rules stating that automated voting activity is prohibited. Saturday into yesterday morning, it stripped thousands of votes from the Canadiens, as many as 20,000 from Kovalev alone if you’re to believe the “real-time” totals.

But then, does it really matter? The All-Star Game long ago took a fork in the road from its original purpose and much of its relevence."

But if it doesn't matter... why cheat? Boo hoo, mes amis, you got caught. Deal.

(h/t Pensblog Staff)

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