Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pens @ Phillips

For some reason, Pens fans don't like Kovy.....

Go buy a tshirt or hoodie from Sally. I did; it'll change your life.

I don't know why that would be...


- Army w/ GWG
- Malkin takes a run @ Kovy
- Boulton vs. Goddard: Boults is 1-1-2 against Goddard; they really like scrapping. It's a sure thing they drop the gloves by the middle of the second.
- Battle of the Backups: Moose v. Sabu. Moose is finding his stride, but Sabourin's already hot.
- Here's to hoping the lucky bounces continue.
- Defense is key; we've got to tighten up on Crosby & Malkin, something we've not really had success with lately. The Pens haven't been overly successful at the Bulb, but this really two completely diferent teams. Score first, score often; mongoose.

And now we throw it over to Puck Daddy with one of the most important questions ever asked...

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