Friday, November 21, 2008


- Madd Dog Matt has some good stuff up today; like his thoughts on last nights' game, and a practice update from today. Particularly interesting was this:
The team placed goaltender Kari Lehtonen on injured reserve Friday, retroactive to October 31st.
I like Kari, I really do. But I think that Pavelic is a tougher individual. It looks as though he's going to be here for a little while. An extended evaluation period?

- I, too, am very excited about Kovy showing emotion and standing up for his teammates. I remember him getting pretty excitable during the '07 playoffs (among other times). But don't we have some guys on the roster to do that for him? ("Paging Eric Boulton... Eric Boulton to the white courtesy phone...")

- Todd White listed as day to day, Joey Crabb called up.

- Ryan Kennedy over at the Hockey News has an article about the captaincy. Why all the talk about the 'C' all of the sudden? I thought about writing a dissertation on Kovy & the C, but everyone had already said everything. Except this: I think Kovy is a player of exceptional talent balanced by exceptional self-awareness. You can tell in interviews; we've heard Semin's honest opinion, and then we heard Kovy's diplomatic response. It seems Kovalchuk has the unusual blessing of both extraordinary skill and a large heart - the ability to achieve great things, but the desire NOT to step on anyone in the process. I think he would rather the captaincy be given to him rather than risk the possibility of seeming like an egotist by stepping up and taking it. But my feeling lines up with "Mad Dogg" Matt's:
Leadership? No question.
Captain Kovalchuk? Without a doubt.
The need for the "C" letter? Whatever.
We saw last year what Kovy is capable of: putting an entire team on his back and carrying them as far as they will let him. But they didn't let him. They were disinterested and lackadaisical. Thay just flat out didn't care. But this year is different. This year, from the top down, there is heart. A belief that WE CAN, and the skill to back it up. Once the bolts are tightened and the tires balanced, we'll be off. So I want you to do this:

- Go to the Thrashers 411.
- Read this quote on the right side of the page:
When People Believe In Us, We Want To Play For Those Who Believe In Us. - I. Kovalchuk
- Turn on your TV, your radio, or even go to Phillips on Saturday night.
- Believe.

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