Friday, December 12, 2008

Gameday - Boston Bruins

- First off, as sick as we all are of this "Trade Kovy" garbage, the media at large is just starting to catch on, so we may have to endure some more of this garbage (along with a good many ignorant Canucks submitting such bold and intelligent comments as "Atlanta sucks! Move 'em to Winnipeg/Kitchener/Hamilton/Toronto/Kamloops/Regina/Other Backwater Commenter Happens to Be From"). Puck Daddy has an article, and I encourage everyone that see to ignore said article. Instead, focus on the possibility of Kovy beating the league's current top netminder multiple times this evening.

- Yes, according to the Boston Globe hockey blogger, Timmy Tommy is the likely starter tonight. I like his 3-3 record (3.08GAA/.897 SV%) a whole lot better than Manny Fernandez's 5-0 (1.80GAA/.923) against the Thrash. But John Anderson was being a little cagey with the Boston media this morning; I don't put it beyond wily veteran coach Claude Julien to pull a little slight-of-hand, either.

- Welcome back, Savvy & Hnidy. Sav, we hope you continue your pointless streak (3 games, and no goals in the last eight? Hm.... maybe you should grip the stick a little tighter), and Shane, keep up that pace for a career-high 100 PIMs!

- Adam Proteau hates the Atlanta Thrashers. What better way to get back at him than to make the playoffs?

- Milan Lucic & Phil Kessel must be stopped.

- Sean Grace over at the Roar has an almost poetic statement as to why trading Kovy would be awful.

- Congrats to former Thrasher Pascal Dupuis on his first career hatter. Postgamer with Dan Potash, go to the 1:00 mark for creamy goodness.

Gameday Mongoose

The unequaled, the original...
Go Thrashers.

See you at the bulb...

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