Thursday, December 11, 2008

Moose Is The New (Scape) Goat

- You really have to feel for the guy. Not once, but twice did the puck find the back of the net on Hedberg's watch. The argument could be made that they were, in fact bad bounces, but.... I dunno.

- Yay! No stupid penalties!

- Wicked bomb of an outlet pass from one Seafood Twin to the other to setup a goal. I'm with Maali on this one, bring up more Wolves - let's see how they do. Maybe they'll be to young and inexperienced to know they're Thrashers, they're supposed to suck.

- Now THAT was an Ilya Kovalchuk Goal Celebration:

- Fire & intensity, and a pretty big scrum. Gomez better watch it - he's not making any friends at Phillips.

- So, Waddell says he's not trading Kovalchuk. He repeats it three times: to Mike @ the AJC, our buddy Craig @ the Sporting News, and Dan during last nights' first intermission. So... why is it I still don't believe him?


Mortimer Peacock said...

I've been missing Kovy's goal celebrations this season. I hope we see more of them; lately he's been a somber scorer.

aaron said...

i'm hoping this means an increase in excitement playing here. seems like he's a better player when some moron like gomez pushes his buttons.