Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gameday & Other Tidbits

- Ken Campbell makes the case that Jay Bouwmeester would be better served "playing in an outpost where people don’t know or care much about hockey." This means either Ken Campbell and/or the Hockey News hates Jay Bouwmeester, and is/are planting the seeds of his demise.

- What's this? Brett Hull a mere figurehead leader? Away at thee and thine foul, vicious lies! Next you'll be telling me he flouts the laws of the Royal Mr. Bettman!

- Speaking of royalty, King Henrik is out tonight; Steve Valiquette makes his 5th start. Seems Lundqvist is.... bah, insert your own Lundqvist-Sundin-Ikea-meatball joke here. I don't have the energy.

- The Rags have been outscored 15-4 in their last 4 games. They seem ripe for some mongoosing. If they play lockdown, things might be a little tough for our boys in blue, but something tells me the combination of a goal drought, not being on the ice much the last couple of days, and the perception of the Thrash as ...>ahem<... a doormat may lead to them trying to stetch their legs a little too far. Here' s to surprises.

- Boulton/Orr 2: Epic Returns? You gotta love it when Boults gets props from even Rags fans. Maybe this time, they'll go 4 minutes.

The Return of the Mongoose

He tasted blood against the Isles... now a second course of New York tastiness.

I give you... hungry mongoose.

Go Thrashers.

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